6 x Months Selling on Amazon FBA UK - Honest Review of Amazon FBA Seller Support

Published on 22 May 2020 / In Website Software & Tools

This is my honest review of Amazon FBA seller support having been selling on Amazon UK for just over 6 months.

When I first heard about FBA I was excited about the opportunity of making money selling on amazon, however, I was also sceptical as to whether the opportunity was real.

There was also the small nagging doubt in my mind with regards to the stories of people who had their Amazon seller accounts suspended.

At the time I put these suspensions stories down to scaremongering caused by sellers not following Amazon guidelines, however, I now believe any seller could suspended at anytime.

I regularly visit the official Amazon seller forums and there are posts on a daily basis from sellers that have had their products or accounts suspended or banner.

Some of these sellers are breaching guidelines and are rightly being punished, however, there are a large number of FBA sellers who are being suspended due to fraudulent actions by their competitors (or simple misfires caused by the Amazon algorithm).

I still believe Amazon provides one of the best opportunities to make money online in 2019, however, all sellers should be aware of the potential frailty of their account status.

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