An App A Day: Microsoft Office 2010 (Techincal Preview) - REAL OFFICE 2010

Published on 28 Jan 2020 / In Business & Office Software

Check Out Neb4444!! (He made my SICK intro!)

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This is a Full Working Technical Preview (Beta) of Microsoft Office 2010. I have not really gone in to deep yet but so far, it seems to just get better and better. Please ask any questions you want, and I will try to answer them!

How did I obtain this?: Somebody I know is a regional manager at Best Buy. He went to a Microsoft Conference and they have these technical previews (beta versions) to everybody there. I asked if I can try it out and he said sure.

Can I haz Office 2010?: I will only give it to you if I know you in Real Life. If your some random guy on the ethernetz, than sorry, no.

How To Contact Me:





AIM: xdyldogx


Xbox LIVE: Kwanzaa Kid

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