A Windows XP mod with an interesting name: WinLSD 3.7

Windows XP
Published on 26 Jan 2020 / In Operating Systems & Utilities

A look at how some people customized their Windows computers in the mid 2000s, from themes to kernels.

Download the ISO file of WinLSD 3.7, or the bonus wallpapers and fonts (there's a "download as ZIP" option to download everything at once): https://mega.nz/#F!WR0zDBiQ!Ww93jFqidqqF2wgm0fG3jA

There's also a newer version called WinLSD SP3, which is based on Windows XP Service Pack 3, but otherwise it's very similar. Thanks to Dave Park ( https://www.youtube.com/channe....l/UCEwr4DHIHnB1cUW2E ) for providing it. https://mega.nz/#F!6NtTWKTD!irutj1CE3N80_u9Xr2b2kQ

If you have Windows XP and want to try out CrystalXP's BricoPacks:
Vista Inspirat 2 - https://mega.nz/#!eZt3QbCQ!7nP....9nn8kcOVQ-Ho1zEpfltS
Crystal Clear - https://mega.nz/#!yN1kwaRJ!CNw....JaAFVSaqdwdHGN4e_ofo

More updates on Twitter: http://twitter.com/TCG96

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