Amazon Dropshipping: Is it worth trying?

Published on 23 May 2020 / In Website Software & Tools

Amazon dropshipping seems like a good idea: it’s a huge platform with thousands of sellers, and it has an enormous audience. Is it that good in practice? Find out and download FREE AliExpress dropshipping guide here:

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- One option is to open a store on Amazon and use it as a channel to sell products you buy from other sources. However, sellers are not allowed to resell goods they purchase from other online retailers. Nor can they put invoices, stickers, and other materials containing another retailer’s name or contact information. In theory, when dropshipping on Amazon, one could use Fulfilment by Amazon service. But in this case, you would have to keep and maintain stocks of previously bought products, while the actual dropshipping model allows you to avoid this.
- Another option is to dropship from Amazon, i.e., resell its goods. However, here you’ll find a number of disadvantages too: In dropshipping, it is very important to find a supplier with low prices so that your mark-up price could still be competitive. But Amazon products are quite expensive. Shipment options is another issue, as Amazon allows you to send packages to just a bit over 100 countries at best. Lastly, a lack of branding possibilities is a problem too. Sellers on Amazon are allowed to use only their own name and contact details, which means you can’t sell these products on your behalf. Therefore, instead of dropshipping on Amazon, many entrepreneurs choose other platforms like AliExpress that don’t have such limitations.

Still, one can use Amazon to boost their dropshipping business.
First, you could research to find out the average prices people are ready to pay and adjust your own offer to be competitive. Second, Amazon is a good source of information on what’s trending now, and you might want to use it to find the best-selling product types. Lastly, if you manage to find similar or the same product on Amazon, you can borrow photos from there to improve your product pages.

Learn more about AliExpress Dropshipping here: As you can see, Amazon doesn’t really suit the dropshipping business model, and there are better alternatives to Amazon dropshipping.

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