Amazon PPC Advertising Campaign & Strategy 2019 Explained (Watch This Before Running Your Ads!)

Published on 21 Mar 2020 / In Website Software & Tools

What really consists of Amazon PPC advertising campaigns? If you want to understand the concept and strategy behind running your Amazon PPC advertising campaigns, then this video is a must watch before you start running your Amazon advertising campaigns!

Amazon FBA sellers typically only focus on copying PPC campaign strategies that they hear has worked for other sellers but I want to break this down for you to explain to you what exactly are Amazon PPC sponsored ad campaigns. Once you understand the full concept behind which campaigns are best for your product and why you should be running an automatic and/or manual campaign, your advertising strategy will become more clear. There is a time and place when and how to run each Amazon PPC campaign. Do not just do guess work and copy someone else's strategy. You must understand what is behind each campaign and why you are even running it in the first place!

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