Choices for Windows 7 *FREE GUIDE* in English

Windows 7
Published on 26 Jan 2020 / In Operating Systems & Utilities

A video about the options and choices for your Windows 7 computer after the 14th January 2020.

I've tried to cover all of them - so if you're using Windows 7 you can make an informed choice about what to do after the official End Of Life date.

This video explains the situation and shows you how to check over your PC yourself.

That way you won't get duped by people who see the 14th January as an opportunity to stir things up to get you to spend money you don't really need to spend.

There's a small follow on update video here:

The changes to YouTube now mean that I don't get any advertising revenue from my videos - I have the views, but I need over 1000 subscribers.

I'm never going to get rich from this, but it is nice to get something... So if you've watched this video then you can buy me as coffee using the Ko-fi link, click Like or click Subscribe. Or all three!

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