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Published on 26 Jan 2020 / In Operating Systems & Utilities

Changing my Xiaomi Notebook Air 13.3" from Chinese windows 10 to English Windows 10


1. Double click on the main screen--- and select the second to last option, which is "Display Setting"

2. In the menu option to the left scroll to the last option , which looks like a circle with an "i" in the center and click on that option. -- They are 4 clickable options to the center of this page, click on the first option, which is "Change Product Key or Upgrade your edition of windows".

3. After clicking on the box to change the edition of windows--- check the option to the left of the popup box, which is "Yes"---- A popup box for a windows key will appear--- enter in any product key that you may have. Any old windows key can which i.e i used a windows 7 product key which was used to upgrade a laptop back in 2011 or you may use a windows 10 key you currently use.. It was accept it and then ask for an email address. I entered my already in use windows 10 email that i'm using with my windows 10.

4. The language packs and windows 10 home edition will download and the computer will restart.

6. Once restarted, go to 6:18 of the video and follow how to change the language.

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