Enable/Disable Windows 8 Start Menu & Button (Win Eight Metro UI Switcher 1.2 Tutorial)

Windows 8
Published on 27 Jan 2020 / In Operating Systems & Utilities


Download the demonstrated tweaker by the link above. With its help you will be able to reactivate the old good Start menu as well as the Start button on new Microsoft's operating system Windows 8.


The first thing you meet when beginning to explore Microsoft Windows 8, is the new immersive interface (called Metro UI). And there is a new screen that pops out every time you press the old good Start button, instead of the Start menu.

This small utility lets you to disable the Start screen of Windows Eight and to return the Windows 7 styled Start menu. The tweaker also gives back the classic Task Manager that can show CPU utilization history per processor/core.

Do note that when the Metro UI is disabled, Windows Explorer has the revamped Ribbon interface turned off. And you can enable Windows 8's immersive UI again, if you want to. For the changes made to take effect, you have to restart or log off your system after tweaking.

Win Eight Metro UI Switcher is a multilingual app. For more information on how to translate it into your native language, see the file Lngs\English.txt located in the program folder.

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