How Facebook Ads Interest Targeting REALLY works (Target people searching Google with FB ads!)

Published on 09 Mar 2020 / In Website Software & Tools

Did you know that you can use Facebook Ads to target people who are searching for your services on Google? Facebook actually has a lot more data than most people think. And one of the reasons it's algorithm is so powerful is because of the data that it leverages from websites that are ranking on the first page of Google for various keywords.

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If you go to Google and search for any keyword (e.g. "How to generate leads"), you will find that most websites on the first page of Google actually have the Facebook Pixel installed. This means Facebook can track when people visit that website. Facebook also analyzes the keywords on the web page and can determine what the page is about. It uses this data to form an "interest" on Facebook, which you can then use to target and advertise to people inside of Facebook Ads Manager by targeting people with interests and different behaviours.

It's pretty easy to do too. All you need to do is go to Facebook's targeting section and start typing in keywords. If Facebook can target these people, then the keyword you typed in will appear as an option. Facebook will also tell you the potential reach and audience size for this type of keyword.

So, if you've been looking for a less expensive and good alternative to Google Ads, you might just find it with Facebook Ads. You could end up saving a lot of money by switching to Facebook Ads instead of Google Ads. Like all things in marketing though, it's important to test the results and see for yourself.

Finally please remember that Facebook Ads is only as successful as the strategy behind it. So, if you'd like to learn the strategy behind creating successful Facebook Ads (if your goal is to generate more leads, sales appointments and clients on autopilot) then check out my free masterclass training here:

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