How to Add a Call to Action Button on Facebook Business Page for Users to Click to Call Now button

Published on 09 Mar 2020 / In Website Software & Tools

How to change button on Facebook page using one of the available call to action buttons.

The strongest call-to-action is the "Call Now" button on your Facebook business page.

Combine the call now button with a call capture phone number.

You'll then have a frictionless lead generation system for your business.

Over 90% of Facebook business page traffic is via a mobile phone.

This fact should encourage you to switch the Facebook call to action button to a call now button.

Facebook user seeking your business page likely wants to contact you with the least amount of friction.

If your product or service is time sensitive or inquiries urgent in nature, the Call Now button is your best option.

A click to call button is the easiest of button to use one a mobile phone.

Select any of following Facebook call to action buttons to use on your page or your facebook ads.

Contact Us Button
Send Message
Call Now
Sign Up
Send Email
Book with You

Any of these call to action buttons can be used on your page. They will also display on your Facebook group page by default.

CallAction call capture numbers can be used as the primary phone number for the click to call button.

This will instantly capture the incoming call which can then be automatically synced into your CRM.

Using a call tracking number as our click to call button on your Facebook page let's you measure this important call metric.

You can also then automate the lead follow-up using CallAction drip campaigns.

View details here:

CallAction helps streamline your business inbound call flow with our 17 automated tasks found here.

Are you ready to implement a call capture, call tracking number as a click to call "call now" button on your Facebook page? You can signup for a free 14-day trial of CallAction at

Video Chapters
00:01 How to Add a Call Action Button
00:11 Capture Leads from Facebook Profile Phone Calls with CallAction
00:33 List of Facebook Call to Action Buttons
00:51 Add the Call Now Button
01:00 Add the CallAction Call Capture Number to Facebook
01:22 Capture Calls from Facebook and sync to your CRM
01:33 Setup text drip campaigns to follow up with Facebook lead calls
01:45 90% of Facebook Traffic is Mobile
02:06 Add Call Now to Generate Facebook Leads

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