How To Create eBay HTML Listing Template - Copy & Paste Step by Step Tutorial

Published on 24 May 2020 / In Website Software & Tools

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to create a professional eBay HTML listing template in a matter of a minutes using the copy & paste method and Sellercore. The Sellercore online HTML editor is free to use and requires no downloads.

eBay listing templates are an easy way to display your items in a clean and professional way so that potential buyers can see the information they want and make decision. Creating an eBay listing template that best highlights your items theme and specs gives your listing more value and will ultimately make you more money on eBay.

Creating a template using this copy & paste method and Sellercore is not only easy but can easily be accomplished in the matter of a few minutes. In cases where you are not sure how to design a certain eBay template, copying & pasting is an easy alternative to building it from scratch. Just find a basic design you like from a template site or anywhere else online and use your mouse to highlight the page section you want and copy and paste it directly into the Sellercore editor. The Sellercore editor will generate all the HTML for you allowing you to quickly modify the eBay template with your own item specs and images. When you are happy with your template design, simply copy the Sellercore generated HTML and paste it into your eBay listing page as shown in this video and you are ready to sell.

Keep your eBay listings simple and clear and this will pay off in more sales and a better buying experience for your buyers.

This walk-through video includes an image upload to my free Sellercore image hosting. Sellercore hosting requires registration of a free Lite User account so that Sellercore can uniquely identify your uploaded images.

Video includes:
eBay Listing Page, Sellercore Editor, Generated HTML Template, Copy & Paste Template Design, Uploading eBay Images, Editing eBay Template Listing HTML

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Making more money on eBay starts with a great listing template! Start designing better eBay templates now. Increasing sales with Sellercore is easy, and it's free!

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