How To Make Windows 7 Safe to Use in 2020

Windows 7
Published on 27 Jan 2020 / In Operating Systems & Utilities

How To Make Windows 7 Safe to Use in 2020

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10 steps to securing Windows 7
Microsoft dropped support for Windows 7 on January 14th 2020. Some People really like Windows 7 and don't want to upgrade to Windows 10 or change to another operating system. So what can you do to keep using Windows 7 safely after support ends? I will show you a bunch of things I recommend you do to stay safe online using Windows 7.

1. Make sure Windows 7 is fully updated.

2. Use Anti Ransomware Software.

3. Use Standard User Account

4. Change User Account Control to MAX settings

5. Use Anti-Virus / Anti-Malware Software
You can use others like: Avast, Kaspersky, Eset, Avira

6. Use Secure DNS Server
Open DNS Family Shield is a great choice fro maximum protection

7. Use Hard Drive Encryption
Bitlocker or Veracrypt

8. Backup Computer Data
Paid Cloud:
Paid Cloud:

9. Use A Firewall

10. Patch Everything

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