How to re-install Windows XP on your Asus EeePC using a USB pen drive

Windows XP
Published on 26 Jan 2020 / In Operating Systems & Utilities

If you have an Asus EeePC which came with Windows XP and want to re-install XP from a USB drive because you don't have a USB DVD drive, this video shows you how to make a bootable USB pen drive from your restore DVD. You can then boot your EeePC from the USB pen and re-install Windows XP. If you still have the original C: and D: partitions, you can just restore XP from the Ghost image to the C: partition and leave any files on the D: partition intact.
Note: This will destroy all data on the hard drive or partition, do not boot from it on any PC other than your EeePC!

You can get RMPrepUSB from

BEFORE you boot your EeePC from the USB stick, enter the BIOS by pressing F2 a lot after switch on, go to Advanced IDE Configuration tab and change Configure SATA as -- IDE (NOT AHCI). Next go to BOOT tab and change Quiet Boot -- DISABLE. Save settings and exit. Then press ESC and select USB as boot device.

from cpfigueiredo:
'I used Ghost to restore the ENVIR.GHO image to make the MBR and Recovery partition. Then I copied the other recovery files from the CD/ISO to the recovery partition and I could then install XP via the recovery partition again easily.'

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