How To Sell On eBay Guide eBay Auction Step By Step Instructions

Published on 24 May 2020 / In Website Software & Tools

How to sell on eBay using eBay Auction, follow step by step instructions.
List quicker with are Instruction on how to sell item on eBay from Home or office.
eBay is a Auction website where you can sell new and used items for money. Users will bid on your item and the higher bidder wins your item at the highest bid Amount.
A lot of people work for them self by selling items on eBay.

What can I sell?
You can sell almost anything, Electronics, Gadgets, clothing, watches, computers and more. There are things that you can not sell, you can look up ebay policy of things that are not allowed.
I will Not get in to eBay store in this video because to have a eBay store you need to be selling allot, have good feedback. and made over $10,000 in sales in a year

1st you need to create a account with eBay if you dint already have one. You can not sigh in even with your Facebook account,
2nd create account with Paypal if you dint already have one (you will need your Bank checking information for this step)

Then you can start listing your item

First thing you want to do is to get familiar with the product you are planning on selling. Take pictures from every angle, show imperfections if your item is used. If your item is not new, make sure you clean it first. Sending a dirty product to a customer may result in a return and negative feedback, not to mention that it just shows that you are not a professional. Once you do that go and search it on eBay, so that you have idea of how many people are selling it, what description they are using and for how much it sell for.
Once you find a similar item that someone ales is selling click on “Sell similar item? Which is usually under the item photo, and began inserting your information.
Ebay keeps updating there site but the concept remains the same.

You don't need any special software to List. All you need is a computer with a web browser. A 5+ Megapixel Camera to take photos and a scale.
I would recommend that you download eBay app as well as Paypal App on to you Smartphone. Having access to eBay anywhere you go will help you boost sales.
Buyers tent to ask questions and answering them as soon as possible is very important. It will also help you manage your transactions. Both apps are available on most smartphones, IPhone, Galaxy and almost all tablets.
You can also list items on you mobile device but I would not recommended as doing it on a PC will give you better visual.

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