How to Speed Up Windows Vista (HD)

Windows Vista
Published on 27 Jan 2020 / In Operating Systems & Utilities

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1.Open command run and type in msconfig
2.Select tab Startup,there you can disable programs
that runs on startup
3.Select tab Service,there you can disble some
of unnecesary services
4.Select tab Boot,there you can speed up boot time
5.Right click on computer and select properties
then open advanced system settings and select settings
in first column,click adjust for best performance and then custom
select the ones in the video showed
6.You can add more virtual memory but using hard drive free memory
on this way:when you go to advanced system settings then again open up
first settings select advanced tab and down you will see
Total paging size for all drives and Change button
uncheck the first one and select Custom size
then type in how much you want virtual memory and click Set

PS:Sory for my bad English

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