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Published on 02 Feb 2020 / In Networking & Servers Software

More information on WhatsUp Gold 2017 is available at https://www.ipswitch.com/appli....cation-and-network-m

Hello and welcome. In this short video, we like to introduce you to Ipswitch's new cost-effective licensing model for our WhatsUp Gold IT monitoring solution. Most IT monitoring solutions are based on the plug-in model where network traffic analysis, application monitoring, and other capabilities are licensed separately from the core network monitoring product. One limitation of this approach is you maybe undersubscribed for one plug-in while being oversubscribed for another. Unfortunately, you can't exchange license assets across plug-ins. The result, wasted licenses and additional cost.

WhatsUp Gold 2017 features our exciting new model that bundles WhatsUP Gold and its plug-in functionality under one license. This flexible licensing model is based on actual usage. You can configure any combination of WhatsUp Gold and plug-in capabilities to meet your specific requirements. You can even change your WhatsUp Gold usage anytime and as many times to meet the changing needs of your IT infrastructure.

Our customers love the new licensing. They like the flexibility that the new licensing provides. They don't need to compromise their monitoring needs to comply with their license usage restrictions. The result, no wasted licenses, and they love the idea of managing a single license and a single service agreement.

WhatsUp Gold 2107 features four editions. BasicView provides basic monitoring of your core network. ProView extends your monitoring capabilities to include the wireless infrastructure and WMI monitors. TotalView adds network traffic analysis, application and virtual monitoring all into a single, powerful, and cost-effective package. TotalView Plus includes all the features of TotalView with the addition of configuration management. It increases scalability and performance by providing two additional pollers.

The new editions are available in seven licensing tiers which uses a simple point system. Calculating points is easy. Monitoring any network device, such as a router or switch, counts as one point. Each server or virtual machine you want to monitor also counts as one point. Network flow monitoring costs 10 points for each flow source you want to collect data from. Each application you wanna monitor consumes 10 points. And each end-user monitor that you enable an application monitoring counts as one point. Configuration management is only available in TotalView Plus. It does not consume any points.

Let's look at an example. You want to monitor 50 network devices at 1 point each. This consumes 50 points. Your 250 servers take up another 250 points. Collecting network flow data from 10 flow sources at 10 points per source, consumes 100 points. And monitoring 10 of your critical applications at 10 points per application requires another 100 points. The total, 500 points. This requires a TotalView 500 license. But what happens when you wanna monitor an additional five applications? TotalView allows you to switch your licensing assets. In this instance, you can disable data collection from five flow sources and add five applications at no additional cost.

When considering an IT monitoring solution, consider Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold featuring TotalView for licensing flexibility and a low total cost of ownership.

Download a free trial of WhatsUp Gold 2017 at https://www.ipswitch.com/forms..../free-trials/whatsup

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