Link Retargeting - How To Retarget People from Any Link you Share

Published on 19 Mar 2020 / In Website Software & Tools

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Link retargeting is when you put your retargeting pixel code – be it Facebook, Google, Twitter, or otherwise – inside of a short link so that anyone that clicks on the link is added to your retargeting pixel. This allows you to pixel people that are going from your social post to someone else’s site. For more visit


- Retargeting means keeping track of the people who visit your site and then displaying your ads to them as they visit other sites online, otherwise known as pixeling your audience. But retargeting people who've never visited your site before, that's not how it works, right? Well with link retargeting, it can be. Let's take a look.

See, we spend all this time getting users to our site only to let a large percentage leave forever. Retargeting gives us a way to reconnect them with our content, our offer, our business so we don't lose them. Retargeting ads are also easier to manage than regular ads. And they don't cost as much in terms of advertising spent.

This is because of course, your audience is going to be smaller, only people who visited your site as opposed to the whole world. But why are returning visitors more likely to convert? Well the answer's pretty simple. They recognize you from before. They enjoy the content that you've putting out. And they chose to come back which means that they like you which is very sweet.

So now that we're all clear on why retargeting is so important, it's time for the secret weapon, link retargeting. Yeah, it's pretty cool. What link retargeting allows you to do is pixel people that have never been to your site before. This works by retargeting anyone that clicks a link that you control and share meaning you can retarget anyone that clicks on any piece of content especially curated content that you provide.

Link retargeting is when you put your retargeting pixel code be it from Facebook, Twitter, Google or wherever inside of a branded link and then anyone that clicks on that link will be added to it. This allows you to pixel people going from your social post to another site. Honestly, it serves additional value to your audience.

Share content that they enjoy consuming without losing them to another site's adverts or losing their interest in your service or product. With link retargeting, you can build out your audience faster, capture anyone you've influenced online and expand the awareness portion of your funnel to redirect people to your site at a later time. So to recap, retargeting ads are incredibly useful because they bring people back to your site that have visited before. Link retargeting takes that one step further.

By adding people to your retargeting pixel with every link you share, you're ensuring that they still get to enjoy the content that you're putting out while never losing them to another site's adverts or letting them forget your service or product.

So what do you think, are you ready to grow your business with the power of link retargeting? Any questions, do be sure to let us know in the comments below. Hey everyone, thanks very much for watching.

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