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Windows 8
Published on 27 Jan 2020 / In Operating Systems & Utilities

Learn how to find and use tools in this Windows 8 training video. Contact K Alliance for more info. ‪‬ - 1.800.330.9111

Featured Instructor - Sheri Tingle
Course Duration: 8 Hours 57 Minutes
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Microsoft Windows 8: Using Apps and Media table of contents:

1.1 Finding Apps in Windows 8, Installing and Rating Apps in the Windows Store
1.2 Shutting Down, Moving and Removing an App
1.3 Changing App Settings and Updating Apps
1.4 Printing Apps
1.5 Sharing Apps
1.6 Viewing Pictures, Playing Music and Playing Video Files
1.7 Using the New Start Screen and Understanding the New Metro UI
1.8 Rearranging, Resizing and Removing Start Screen Tiles
1.9 Naming and Creating Groups on the Start Screen
1.10 Using and Customizing the Desktop & Finding the Missing Start Button
1.11 Exploring the New File Explorer
1.12 Learning the New Taskbar
1.13 Opening, Closing, and Switching Between Windows and Programs
1.14 Searching in Windows 8
1.15 Adapting the Quick Access Toolbar
1.16 Finding and Using Tools

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