Programming in a Swift Style: Swift vs. Objective-C - 2016 RWDevCon Session

Published on 31 Jan 2020 / In Programming & Development

Are you just getting started with Swift and need some style tips? Or
are you learning Swift, but find yourself writing Swift code with an
Objective-C accent? In this session, you’ll see contrasts between
the old Objective-C ways and the new Swifty ways, and you’ll pick
up some tips on how to make your types take full advantage of all
that Swift has to offer.


At our recent RWDevCon tutorial conference, in addition to hands-on tutorials, we also had a number of “inspiration talks” – non-technical talks with the goal of giving you a new idea or some battle-won advice, and leaving you excited and energized.

We recorded these talks so that you can enjoy them even if you didn’t get to attend the conference. Here’s an inspiration talk from RWDevCon 2017: “I’m an Idiot” by Rich Turton. I hope you enjoy it!


About is a website focused on developing high quality programming tutorials. Our goal is to take the coolest and most challenging topics and make them easy for everyone to learn – so we can all make amazing apps.

We are also focused on developing a strong community. Our goal is to help each other reach our dreams through friendship and cooperation. As you can see below, a bunch of us have joined forces to make this happen: authors, editors, subject matter experts, app reviewers, and most importantly our amazing readers!


RWDevCon is a conference focused on high-quality programming tutorials. It’s right outside Washington DC, brought to you by the teams at and 360iDev. Here’s what makes RWDevCon special:

Learn about iOS development with Swift via high quality hands-on tutorials led by the authors you know and love.

Strong interactive focus - follow along with the instructor and learn by doing

Make great friends and be a part of our awesome international community.

Conference Highlights

This year, for the first time ever, we offered two optional pre-conference workshops:

Advanced App Architecture: This advanced workshop by Josh Berlin and René Cacheaux covered how to create a well designed boundary between subsystems, dependency injection, use case driven development, and more to result in a clean architecture for your apps.

Advanced Apple Debugging and Reverse Engineering: This “mind-blowing” workshop by Derek Selander covered how to wield the power of LLDB and other debugging tools and dig deep into code.

After the workshops, we had the opening reception for the conference. This was a chance for everyone to get to know each other, and enjoy some passed appetizers, beer, and mojitos! :]

The next morning, Marin Todorov kicked off the conference with his inspiring speech titled Reflect & Refactor. He challenged us all to take stock of our lives at this moment, and ask ourselves “what do you need right now?”

After that we started the main event of the conference: the 24 hands-on tutorials. The key difference is that instead of just watching the instructor talk, you code along with him or her!

Some of our most popular tutorials this year included Swift Playgrounds in Depth, Server Side Swift, Advanced Auto Layout, Machine Learning, iOS Design Patterns, and Swift Memory Management.

After two hard day’s work on tutorials, we switched over to inspiration talks. These are short, 18-minute non-technical talks designed to give you a new ideas and some battle-won advice, so you can go home energized and excited.

Don’t worry – aside from all of these tutorials and inspiration talks, we had plenty of time for fun too. We played board games at lunch, and during our Friday night party we had the first ever James Dempsey Game Show!

During the James Dempsey Game Show, contestants answered Apple and iOS trivia questions. Some were technical – like “Will it Compile?” – and some are non-technical, like “Who Said It – Jobs, Cook, or Ives?”

The last day of the conference was on April 1, so of course we couldn’t miss the chance to play an April Fool’s joke on everyone: the “release” of Programmer Dancing by Tutorials!

Then we had the real special surprise of the conference: all attendees got a free print copy of our new book RxSwift: Reactive Programming with Swift, and an advance copy of our upcoming book Advanced LLDB Debugging & Reverse Engineering (that isn’t even available on our site yet)!

Overall, the team and I had so much fun learning, getting inspired, and meeting friends both new and old. We can’t wait for next year!

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