QuickBooks Desktop Chart of Accounts - Complete Tutorial

Published on 29 Jan 2020 / In Accounting & Finance Software

Complete Tutorial by Hector Garcia, CPA on working with the Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Accountant, or Enterprise (PC/Windows Versions Only)

00:00:00 – Intro (chart of accounts inside QuickBooks Desktop)
00:01:00 – Chart of accounts (3 ways to get to chart of accounts)
00:02:22 – How to Identify a balance sheet account from a profit & loss account
00:03:21 – Company checking account
00:05:12 – How to record an item in the chart of accounts (example) (account button, new) (add new account) (asset or liability) (enter opening balance)
00:08:54 – Reports (profit & loss)
00:09:41 – Make deposits (example)
00:10:40 – How to merge accounts or make one subaccount of the other (example) (edit income account) (disappear redundant)
00:13:07 – How to make some accounts inactive
00:14:21 – Customize report (modify report: profit & loss) (advanced options)
00:15:22 – How to delete or keep inactive the account and “use it once” option
00:18:32 – How to sort profit & loss by total (ignoring the alphabetical order) or by default (organize or reorganize accounts) (Account, re-sort list)
00:20:55 – Preferences (company preferences, use account numbers) (to see in chart of accounts the account number of every account) (edit account) (change location)
00:24:00 – Edit account (changing account type) (example) (balance sheet accounts and profit & loss accounts) (issues may affect your profitability)
00:26:20 – Tax-line mapping
00:27:47 – Reports (accountant & taxes) (income tax preparation) (income tax summary)
00:29:25 – Company tab (my company) (edit) (report information) (income tax form used)
00:30:49 – Account (find transactions in) (shortcut)
00:31:35 – Account button (flat view/hierarchical view options)
00:34:17 – Description (click on the chart of account, customize columns)
00:34:53 – Reports (list, account listing)
00:35:44 – Reports & graphs (company preferences, name only/name descriptions)
00:36:43 – How to export and import chart of accounts (file, utilities, export/import, lists to IIF files)
00:37:50 – Excel CSV file (import chart of accounts to the file dragging it) (how to add accounts in excel, duplicate, replace)
00:40:10 – How to import the chart of accounts changes in excel to QuickBooks Desktop (file, utilities, import, IIF files, select the file and open)
00:40:56 – Spreadsheet (Maximum 31 characters account name/maximum 7 characters account number)
00:42:26 – How to import a chart of accounts from excel to QuickBooks Desktop (file, utilities, import, excel files) (advanced import) (import a file) (browse) (select file) (create mapping) (import) (step by step)
00:45:26 – How to import the balances (example) (they have to be brand new accounts in CSV) (step by step)
00:48:08 – Error import

Chart of Accounts spreadsheet:

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