QuickBooks Pro 2019 Create Purchase Order With New Item - QuickBooks Desktop 2019

Published on 29 Jan 2020 / In Accounting & Finance Software

Create a purchase order in QuickBooks Pro 2019 - QuickBooks Desktop 2019 and create a new inventory item while making the purchase order. A purchase order or OP is a request for inventory from a vendor or supplier. The purchase order is an unusual input screen in QuickBooks because it does not result in a journal entry or any effect on the financial statements. No inventory has been received and no payment has been made at the time of the purchase order P.O. When entering the purchase order into the accounting system we will need the vendor name and the inventory item. If we do not have the vendor set up we can add the vendor from the purchase order screen instead of having to go the vendor center. We can also add the inventory item from the purchase order screen without having to go to the item lists screen. The purchase order P.O. in QuickBooks also gives us the option to add a customer. This is an optional field because we do not always use the purchase order for a specific customer purchase.
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