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Published on 29 Jan 2020 / In Accounting & Finance Software

QuickBooks Pro 2019 - QuickBooks Desktop 2019 Home Page – Vendors Section will discuss the contents of the home page vendor section in the accounting software. The QuickBooks 2019 home page is a great tool, providing a visual by process. We will focus on the vendor, or payable process. The vendor section of the QuickBOoks 2019 home page may differ depending the the type of company selected. In other words, we may have set the data using QuickBooks 2019 service type company or merchandising type company. When using a merchandising type company QuickBOoks 2019 add a few more items to the vendor section dealing with the reporting and tracking of inventory. The standard forms on the QuickBooks 2019 vendor section are to create a bill and pay a bill. When we create a bill in QuickBooks 2019 the accounting software will increase accounts payable and the related expense or asset. When we select QUicKbooks 2019 pay bill option we can check off the bills needing payment.
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