Selling on eBay: How to Create a PayPal Account in 2016 | The ULTIMATE Beginners Guide

Published on 24 May 2020 / In Website Software & Tools

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You’ll quickly come to know that eBay and PayPal work hand and hand. Especially when you’re first starting out.

PayPal is owned by eBay and eBay requires you to use PayPal to accept payments when you’re first start to sell. Because of this you’re forced to create a PayPal account to sell on eBay. So lets get you started!

Signing up for PayPal
Go to and go to my “account settings” Scroll all the way down to “my PayPal” and click “link my PayPal account” This will take you to the PayPal website and you can click “I don’t have a PayPal account” Type in the same email address that is associated with your eBay account and create and confirm your password. You need to review your account information and then click continue.

Link PayPal to eBay
Now that you’ve created your PayPal account you need to finish linking your eBay and PayPal accounts in order to sell on eBay. Go back to eBay “account setting” and click “link my PayPal account” and now type in your PayPal email and password that you created and click “link my account”

Now that your eBay and PayPal accounts are linked. Go to and login. PayPal will prompted a screen that requires you to create two security questions to protect your account. Any time you’re dealing with a financial account you want it to be secure as possible.

You’re going to need to link your credit card, bank account, and social security number with your PayPal account. This is to prevent fraud and confirm your true identity.

You’re going to have to rely on your abilities to adapt and learn new things. Throughout this book you’re going to be introduced to websites and tools you’re not familiar with. Most websites have knowledge bases and videos that will teach you to how to use their websites properly. Your ability to learn these new skills will determine your success.

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