Shopify Adwords Remarketing Beginners Tutorial: How To Install The Adwords Remarketing Tag

Published on 20 Mar 2020 / In Website Software & Tools

Leverage the power of Google Adwords Remarketing and display network in this shopify adwords remarketing tutorial. Use Adwords remarketing even if you're using the basic version of Shopify!

Table Of Contents
1) Google Analytics - 00:50
2) Analytics ID - 1:27
3) Add Analytics To Shopify - 1:33
4) Check Tag - 2:06
5) Analytics-Adwords Connection - 2:48
6) Analytics To Adwords Linking - 3:06
7) Adwords To Analytics Linking - 4:06
8) Linking Summary - 4:54
9) Create Remarketing List - 5:03

Tag Assistant:
Search "Tag Assistant" in the Google Chrome Plug-in Store

Google Shopping is the life source of ecommerce. If you have a Shopify store, it can be the major source of your traffic. With Google Shopping and shopify adwords remarketing, you can keep track of and advertise to your visitors directly.

Shoppers, when they go to an online store, they don’t necessarily buy right away. They are just there to search for items or they simply don’t have the money yet. You already spend money to drive shoppers to your Shopify store and if they leave without purchasing, it would be a waste.

With AdWords Remarketing, you can show them customized ads that will follow them as they browse the net. It is like marking their minds with your ads, urging them to go back to your store and buy.

This tutorial will show you how to add shopify adwords remarketing tag to your store and remarket your products to all of your visitors.

Why remarket? By presenting your ads to your visitor as they are browse other sites, you are gaining brand exposure. You become more recognizable. Shoppers will more likely trust in you and more likely to buy from your store.

To install AdWords Remarketing to your Shopify store, a code needs to be added to your website at the bottom of your theme. Liquid page and in the additional scripts of your check out section. It can be done either by using Google Tag Manager or by adding the code manually.

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