Shopify Bing Ads Conversion Tracking to Track Transactions for Bing Ads Campaigns

Published on 20 Mar 2020 / In Website Software & Tools

If you are wondering how to track transactions and track conversions for your Shopify website into Bing Ads, our tutorial will help you get started. We teach you Shopify Microsoft Advertising Conversion Tracking so you can tie your Microsoft Ads campaigns back to your Shopify transactions and optimize for conversions. Learn how to Set up UET tags using Shopify, we give you the step-by-step process so you can track conversions and conversion value. You can use the Enhanced CPC bidding strategy in Bing Ads to optimize your campaign for transactions.

Bottom Script for Shopify and Bing Ads Set-Up Guide:

Setting up Bing Ads conversion tracking Shopify help article:

How to implement Universal Event Tracking Bing Ads tags on Your Shopify Website:

1. First, you need to create a Microsoft Advertising account. Once you are in your Microsoft Advertising or Bing Ads account, you need to click on Conversion Tracking, and then click on UET Tags to create your first UET Tag. Then, you can get your JavaScript UET Bing Ads Tag or Tracking and you want to copy it.

2. Login to your Shopify Account, go to Settings, go to Themes, and then click on 'Actions' under the theme you are editing and click on Edit Code. Then, select the theme.liquid file so you can edit that file on your website.

3. Next, copy your Bing Ads UET Tag above the closing 'body' HTML tag and click on Save.

4. Next, go to Settings and click on the 'Checkout' link. You want to add your UET Tag to your Checkout page as well to track conversions. Scroll down to the Order Processing, Additional Scripts text box, add your UET Tag, and then add the Variable Revenue code snippet, which you can find using the link above.

5. If you want to track how many customers make a purchase after clicking your ad, then you can add conversion tracking for a destination URL that contains 'thank_you'. Go to your Conversion Goals page on Microsoft Advertising and set-up a new conversion for a page that contains 'thank_you' and choose to report variable revenue.

You want to add conversion tracking for your Bing Ads account on your Shopify store so you can see the keywords, campaigns, search terms, ad groups, and ads that are driving sales on your website. The top-performing ads will help you continue to get the most out of your budget.

You need to get started with a Bing Ads account and a Bing Ads UET Tag. Obviously, you will need a Shopify store as well that is ready to take orders.

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