Shopify vs Amazon Pros and Cons Review Comparison

Published on 20 Mar 2020 / In Website Software & Tools

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In this video we're going to review Shopify and Amazon selling on Amazon and we're gonna talk about the pros and the cons of selling on both now I'll talk about which one I'd recommend at the end of this video.

•Built For Ecommerce
•You Own Everything
•Your Customer
•Integrates with Pinterest, PLAs
And a ton of things

•Tons of Traffic
•Somewhat Free
•Much Easier to get

•You Need 3rd party Apps
•Fees for using a 3rd Party Payment Gateway
•Semi Pricy

•They Own Your Soul
•Rules Rules Rules
•Amazon fees
•Not Your Customers
•More Likely To Get Copied
My recommendation do both like everyone wants to see what's the best one to do both now which one you should start with maybe start with Amazon then focus on Shopify but ultimately if I was only gonna pick one thing that you had to do for the rest your life I'd go a Shopify hands down and the reason there's a lot of reasons for this one of the big ones is you own the traffic it's never going anywhere now that being said starting on Amazon is probably pretty smart I have a lot of friends that have made a lot of money starting on Amazon and the reason is it's much easier to do it there's already a ton of traffic there but anyways if you do want to go Shopify at least try it out there's a free 30-day trial you can click here or click up there link down below and if you sign up for the free 30-day trial.

I'll give you free one-on-one consulting session so it's a win-win so if you do get a Shopify store I'll give you a free consulting session one-on-one minutes to help you set up your Shopify store so even if you think amazon's the only way you want to go you might want to consider Shopify as well and even if you're going to be initially mostly selling on Amazon you need to set up your Shopify store now because there's some SEO benefits there's a lot of benefits in having your store sitting there for a long time so make sure you click the link down there or up here sign up for Shopify get your free one-on-one consulting session with me to help you set it up top of that if you enjoyed this video please click that subscribe button down below I have a ton of more ecommerce videos coming out and you'll get them for free delivered to your YouTube channel if you click that subscribe button top of that I have the free ecommerce online store success pack which has checklists for starting your store it has tons of marketing ideas I'm gonna put a free book in there it also has a Facebook group you can join a free Facebook group when you sign here that has all the different basically it has a bunch of different people in it like me that will help you start your store and get all that information for free clicking up there last but not least if you have any questions about anything we talked about in this video leave it in the comments down below I'm here to answer your questions guys and like I really enjoy waking up and answering these questions so please leave any e-commerce related questions down below and thank you for watching this video.
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