Should I Learn C or C++ Before Objective C?

Published on 31 Jan 2020 / In Programming & Development

Should I learn C or C++ before Objective C?

Objective C is similar to all the other C languages. Objective C is limited to the Apple hardware family.

I heard that Apple is where the best paid programming jobs are based.

If you are just starting out, you should be studying a broad foundation, not a narrow platform.

Or I could learn Objective C, and be done.

Yes, you could learn just Objective C. However, you won't learn much in terms of programming concepts that could lead to more efficient, elegant and functional code.

Even if you learn C+ or C++, there is still a learning curve with C#, I think.

If you learn C++, you can move on to C# and .NET development. That is a broader job market than programming iPhones.

I thought C++ didn't work on iPhones.

C++ is not a total loss, if you want to work with Apple. C++ programs tapping into the C++ STL library work on a Macintosh computer.

What do you consider the best course of action?

Start with C to get the foundation. Learn some objective oriented programming logic, then move on to C++.

A lot of continual education there.

Objective C and X-code are the next step. At least you can find free courses on iOS development on iTunes University.

At least there isn't C## to add to the list.

But C# won't run on a Mac, so there's no need to learn it unless you'll be working with Unix or Windows.

I know there are people who make a living programming for Windows, but I don't want to be one of them.

At least it's a bigger job market than those who program exclusively for Unix and Linux.

That's like fiction writing -- it sounds good when you're bragging about how it was a career, but rarely can you take it to the bank.

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