The 3 Things you Need to Start Dropshipping on Amazon

Published on 23 May 2020 / In Website Software & Tools

I think this is the best software to use if you are serious about dropshipping on Amazon!

What's up? I'm Paul from and in this video I cover the three things you need if you want to be successful dropshipping on Amazon.

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So the first thing you'll need is of course an obvious one - an Amazon seller account. I highly recommend you sign up for a professional account:

Second thing you'll need is a software to put the items in and out of stock. That is where Webscrapperapp (WSA) comes in. If the item goes out of stock on Walmart, WSA puts it out of stock on Amazon for you.

You can sign up for WSA with this special coupon code for a FREE trial and 30% off after that:
Coupon Code: PL-44499

Now what if the item goes up in price on Walmart? You want it to go up in price in your Amazon store too so you don't lose money!

Well when WSA scans Walmart it can detect if the price increases. Then it sends data to a second software called informed.Then Informed does the actual repricing. And it reprices based on formulas you give it.

Now why have two softwares here? Why not one that does it all?
Well the great thing here is that Informed (the repricing software) is one of the most powerful softwares out the for Amazon sellers.
It is trusted and used by more than 4000 Amazon sellers - Merchant fulfilled and FBA sellers use it.

And the reason for that is because it greatly increases your chance of winning the Amazon buy box or in general just staying competitive with your prices.

That is why this is the most powerful setup for Amazon Dropshipping!

Free Informed:

Coupon Code: PL-44499


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