The Evolution of Microsoft TTS (OneCore Voices for Windows 10 Desktop)

Published on 28 Jan 2020 / In Business & Office Software

Ok ... I have figured out how to get the OneCore voices for Windows Desktop, so i'm making an updated video. Since i'm dealing only with x64 control panel, LH Michael and LH Michelle are not included in this list. However, the tweak I made applies to the 64-bit applet only. Microsoft Mark, Catherine, James, Linda, Richard, George, Ravi, and Sean were all copied from the Speech_OneCore key found in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Speech_OneCore\Voices\Tokens to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Speech\Voices\Tokens. If you don't see the voice in the regedit key in the Speech_OneCore key, it is likely you need to install the speech langpack for those voices to appear. Example of a typical token string in the Speech_OneCore key: MSTTS_V110_insertlanguagehere_insertvoicenamehereM (I.E. MSTTS_V110_enUS_MarkM).

There are also special unlocks for voices hidden in the voice files used for the voice of Cortana on that language. As you know, Eva is the speech synthesis US English voice for Cortana. Sarah is the Great Britain one, Matilda is the Australian one, and Koyal is the Indian one. You can find these voices by going into the following folder paths:

Make sure to like, favorite, comment, and subscribe for more. If this video hits 10 likes, I will provide .reg files for the Windows OneCore voices, including Cortana's voices. However, I will not include Eva, because I would assume most TTS geeks would already have that voice since it has appeared on WinAero, followed by numerous other sites, where the Eva Registry File has been leaked all over the internet.

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