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Published on 17 Mar 2020 / In Website Software & Tools

Hey guys!

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Welcome to my new channel! I do TikTok tutorials for trending dances etc. Hope this helps and make sure to like, subscribe and comment! Also if you have any recommendations make sure to tell me in the comments below.

Listen to the song now:

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Tiktok: @amisha.mullick and amisha_mullick
Instagram: @amisha.mullick
Snapchat: @ amisha.mullick
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channe....l/UCqhSfudGmhwHVq4Az

What’s my name? Amisha
What do i use to film? iPhone 7
How old am i? 13
Where do i live? Ireland

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Thanks for watching xxx

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3 months ago

I using of ( https://my-official.ir ) for my twitter and tiktok and... link bio, I made a comparison between My-Official and a number of link bio sites, I think My-Official have more free features. I don't know, maybe I was wrong, but I'm satisfied

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