Tools of the Trade: Vimeo Pro Review

Published on 26 Mar 2020 / In Website Software & Tools

Where do we host our videos? We actually host them on 2 separate platforms: YouTube and Vimeo Pro. YouTube for marketing purposes and Vimeo Pro to guard premium content under lock and key.

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Here’s why we host our videos separately.

YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world. If you want your video content to be found easily, YouTube is the obvious choice. So our choice to hosting marketing videos on YouTube comes naturally.

Ever wonder how you ended up spending the whole afternoon watching cats videos on YouTube?

It’s not you, it’s YouTube.

YouTube has a ton of features that make watching similar videos easy and addictive. Its algorithm is designed to make people stick around. And that’s what we want. For viewers to easily find our content and keep on consuming them.

Hosting videos on YouTube is free and they are easy to embed. It’s really a no brainer for this purpose.

But, I don’t trust YouTube at all for hosting premium videos. Why? Because it’s free, easy to discover videos and additive. And if you’re wondering, yes, these are the exact same reasons I love YouTube for marketing purposes. This accessibility is not what we want when we want to guard our content.

Instead, we use Vimeo Pro for hosting our premium content. Let’s get into the reasons why Vimeo Pro is a superior option when it comes to guarding premium video content.

Why we love hosting our videos on Vimeo Pro

1. Privacy settings per video

The privacy setting can be configured at the video level. You can determine who can watch which of your videos. You can choose whether a video would be available on Vimeo (to the public) or the viewer needs a password or even a private link to watch it.

You can also decide where the video can be embedded. This prevents piracy of your video content.

2. Easy to add branding or remove branding entirely

A Vimeo Pro account allows you to use your own branding. We can choose to place our logo on the player. In many cases, adding a logo can be distracting, so we choose to have nothing displaying.

We can create a video thumbnail from a video frame. The thumbnail will look exactly like the video frame. There’s no extra sharing buttons or crazy embed codes. This is a very cool feature of Vimeo Pro that is not found natively in YouTube. And it was one of the reasons that won me over during my research.

3. Settings can be applied to every video upload

We can configure upload defaults. These default settings will be applied to every video we upload.

We want to hide video stats from search results, for example. This is to make sure they are not identifiable or visible to people searching for them. And we want to consistently have this setting in place for each of our videos. We can do that by configuring the upload default.

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