translating udemy courses into another language | how to translation udemy courses

Published on 30 Jan 2020 / In Education & Learning Software

translating udemy courses into another language | how translation udemy courses
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Welcome to my channel
In this video
we'll learn how to translate Udemy courses
into any language we want
This method works with the Google Chrome browser only
We will register on the site
We will enter your email and password
Then go to search for Photoshop
We will choose this course to photoshop
what we will do as an example
In this session
Video stopped
Then, click the transcript icon
Then click the copy icon below the video
Text comment will appear on the video
Then select Translate to your language
Then click "Options"
Then choose Change Language
It is the language of translation
Choose your language for translation
An example of Hindi
Now appeared translation we will run the video
Now we'll adjust the size of the text
and around it as clearly as possible
Of this option
Also, set the transparent background
of the text to be transparent
This was the method of translating Judy courses
Thank you for following up

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