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Published on 25 May 2020 / In Networking & Servers Software

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Welcome to the Ipswich WhatsUp Gold Quick Tip Series. During the WhatsUp Gold discovery, it will automatically generate topology maps of your network with visibility into both physical and IP connectivity. It is very easy to customize your maps and drill down into performance statistics for your wired and wireless networks.

The interactive topology maps are at the heart of WhatsUp Gold's low touch workflow. By clicking on any device I will get more detailed information including active monitor states, as well as device groups. With a few simple clicks, you can also enter the "Monitor Setup" page where you can customize the monitors applied to your device. The interactive maps build-out physical and virtual device connectivity.

You can toggle different views by using the device overlay feature. On this topology map, I already have the virtual overlay selected to see my Hyper-V environment mapped out. We can even apply multiple overlays at once. By selecting the wireless overlay, we can now see purple lines that shows are lightweight access points being managed by this controller.

In addition, the wireless users that connect to an access point are shown as well. By selecting a wireless device, the wireless overlay will provide a quick glance at important information, including SSIDs and performance statistics. The interactive topology maps come with multiple ways to navigate and manage your network infrastructure. Any topology map can have a filter applied to show only devices of interest. We apply filters for location, name or IP, credentials, or device role. For example, if I want to see all the windows devices on this particular map, I could apply a device filter to only show these devices. The devices that do not fit the criteria still remain on the map but are grayed out in order to understand the network topology.

Located at the bottom right of the screen, there's an option to go into select mode. This is a tool that allows users to group up multiple devices at once. Also, note that when I have a filter applied, it is only selecting the devices that fit our criteria. From here, we can take action with our selected devices. If we need to create a new group with only the selected devices, we could copy devices to a new group.

Other commonly used tasks are found here like Maintenance mode or polling devices. To make changes in bulk, we can select "Edit Devices". Here we can take action on everything at once. We could assign credentials or even apply monitors to all the selected devices with a few simple clicks.

Thank you for watching our Quick Tip video on the topology maps.

Download a free trial of WhatsUp Gold at https://www.ipswitch.com/forms..../free-trials/whatsup

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