Where to sell? Website, Facebook, Daraz.pk, Ebay or Amazon? Date: 16-3-2018

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Where to sell? Website, Facebook, Daraz.pk, Ebay or Amazon?

This is a common question and a lot of people still ask this question if their time and effort is worth working on an Ecommerce Website? Is there a charm building an Ecommerce website? or Shopify? My answer is very simple. If you are working on shopify/website where exactly are you going to bring the traffic from? Either organic by working on ranking of your keywords on google or through google adwords. Now our next question is. Is there enough traffic on google for people looking to buy products? Ask this question to yourself. Would you go to google.com and type "I want to buy iPhone" or "I want to buy a marker"?

In other words, Ecommerce specific traffic on google has been shrinking for decade and could be an estimate 10% right now and remaining traffic is all gone to giants like Amazon, ebay, Walmart and Sears etc. Buyers are more comfortable buying from marketplaces than a website because they feel safe buying from marketplace and they feel un-safe buying from a website. God knows who owns this website and if they are going to ship my order on time or not. So where is the traffic then? You want to work hard on building google adword campaigns and bring traffic to your website/shopify store? You want to work hard for this 10% traffic? Why don't you focus on the 90% traffic source instead?

Alright so if you think you should be focusing more on marketplaces then you have a choice to go to daraz.pk in Pakistan or go to international marketplaces like Ebay or Amazon. If you don't know how you can open Amazon or ebay being a Pakistani citizen, please go through other videos to learn that part. So let's decide which one to choose? As we know Pakistan's ecommerce economy is USD700 Million for year 2017 whereas United States Ecommerce Economy was US Dollar 209 Billion. So decide yourself which marketplace would bring you more orders and more sales?

If you decide to go to United States marketplace now you have a choice of Ebay or Amazon as a marketplace so here are some numbers for you. USD187 Billion is the last year sales of Amazon.com which is almost close to 50% of total ecommerce sales in United States. In other words Amazon is a 200 Pound gorilla sitting among others right now. Ebay is more of a flea market /saddar bazar type market and Amazon is a high end shopping mall. So where would you like to sell? Ebay which is very small compare to Amazon and Walmart, Sears are all very small of course.

So if you decide to go for Amazon now you have to learn the difference between selling as Amazon merchant or selling as Amazon FBA seller. Being a merchant you become nothing but a corporate slave of Amazon trying to please your customers day and night and work hard every day to fulfil your incoming orders and keep pleasing your customers so they don't abuse you. In fact they will abuse you anyway and you will keep giving them free replacements and refunds and keep handling customer queries and keep working hard day and night to keep your business running. Because the moment you make few mistakes, Amazon gives you death sentence instantly and you have no chance to stand up again. Another model would be Amazon FBA (Fulfill by Amazon) and that means, you buy inventory and ship into Amazon's warehouse and let Amazon take care of your inventory. Let Amazon do pick, pack and ship for you and you do nothing but focus on building your brand, identifying niche products, rank them to page 1 of Amazon and let Amazon take care of pick, pack, ship, returns and refunds for you. Every model has pro and cons, however being a Pakistani merchant, your best bet is still going for Amazon FBA. And you will have to learn the art and science of building your Amazon FBA business from scratch to something massive which is possible as long as you learn 5 stages of this business.

1. Get your ID setup through individual or through a legal entity
2. Product Hunting
3. Product Procurement/Logistics and Branding
4. Launch Pad/Ranking to page 1
5. Integration of Amazon FBA with your Ebay/Shopify stores for additional sales

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