Windows XP POSReady 2009 Installation, Activation, and Review (Updated for 2015)

Windows XP
Published on 26 Jan 2020 / In Operating Systems & Utilities

If you're concerned about Microsoft's end of support for Windows XP, you may wish to check out this unappreciated gem - "POSReady 2009". It's XP, but with an improved installer, better customization, a fresh new theme, and most notably, Microsoft's blessing through 2019. In this video, I cover installation, activation, and other general information on the operating system.

** UPDATE (May/June 2015): It has been found that while the TweakNT method described in the video gets rid of the text in the corner of the desktop, the actual underlying timebomb still persists and renders the system unable-to-login after a year has passed; to get a fully working system, use the permanent product key without TweakNT as shown below:

Check out my latest video on this topic:
Microsoft-provided download link:
Temporary Product Key: D4GQ7-HG48K-7YP6R-6JM4C-33FMQ (Not permanent; see note in previous paragraph)
Permanent Product Key: XM633-9YG7Y-47JM6-4QMF8-XPKYG
Permanent Product Key: KGRMV-TWG8H-43Y2K-7PJBC-PM4CB
TweakNT: (not needed, see the note in the previous paragraph)

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